A family is a living community with evolving relationships out of which many different legal needs arise. In particular families with a certain wealth may face challenging questions notably when a new member is about to integrate the family, a family member leaving this world or cutting the family ties.

We offer a premier assistance for the full range of issues families may face, taking also into account the potential impact thereof with the wider personal and business lives of the different family members.

For professional or private reasons, our clients may have to relocate from one jurisdiction to another. We are experts in assisting our clients in this process and to coordinate all aspects as to ensure a smooth transition and anticipate all related legal and tax aspects.

We also assist our clients in the global context of their wealth structuring. Estate planning often involves a bespoke structure designed to protect the wealth, organise its transgenerational management but also to give a framework to the family’s specific aspirations and values.

Our strength lies in structuring our clients’ wealth as to allow for sufficient flexibility to adapt to evolving circumstances while giving strong protection and adapted management tools for their estate now and in the future.

Our services include in particular assistance in any of the following areas: